Why Obama’s economic team beats McCain’s hands-down

His three economic advisors:

Rubin, Volcker, and Summers. These guys are brilliant. The guy who ended the stagflation problems of the 1970s? Volcker. The guy who engineered the budget surplus of the Clinton Era that spurred the stock market and economy? Rubin. (Followed by Summers)

Now McCain’s camp? Economics is a weak area for McCain (pretty much everything outside military matters is). His advisors? Phil Gramm, who pushed banking deregulation through the Senate, and who said Americans are a nation of whiners, and cosponsored legislation with the “Enron loophole“. Incompetent and irresponsible. Doug Holtz-Eakin, the guy behind the McCain tax cut plan, that gives EVERYONE a tax cut, the largest, naturally, to the richest 0.1%, people earning more than $2.8 million per year (remember, we’re in the middle of a war that McCain wants to continue to wage, and we’re running the BIGGEST tax deficit in history—where the hell is the money coming from?!).

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