Republican hypocrisy spilleth over (again)

Republican hypocrisy

  • Republican state representative Scott Muschaney (Missouri) is indicted for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. In 2006, Muschany was a co-sponsor of legislation that toughened sex offender laws.
  • Republican senator Larry “Wide Stance” Craig (Idaho) is caught trying to solicit sex from another man in an airline bathroom. Larry Craig is married. A year later, Craig co-sponsors anti-gay marriage legislation in the Senate.
  • Republican senator David Vitter (Louisiana) is found to be in the black book of the DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Vitter is married. Vitter co-sponsors the same “marriage protection” legislation as his closet-case friend, Senator Craig.
  • Republican Ted Stevens (Alaska) is indicted for multiple violations of the Ethics in Government Act, failing to disclose gifts given by a petroleum service and construction company. Senator Stevens previously served as chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee.

The GOP is the party of “do as we say, not as we do,” apparently. What a joke.

These are just those I’ve seen in the news (and thanks to Eric S.’s Facebook posts) over the past month. A much—MUCH—longer list is available here.

Who’s stupid enough to fall for those Nigerian bank scams?

I wondered why the hell Nigerian scammers would bother to keep on sending the same damn spammy emails when they were obviously fraudulent. Well, morons exist and are probably propping up the economy of Nigeria to their own detriment.

Two examples, courtesy of Judge Judy:

Judy’s advice at the end is priceless. Another: