Why I love reddit


How this might be portrayed in other media…

FOX: Obama does nothing as Muslim chicken causes the death of 6 Egyptian civilians. Currently investigating connections to Benghazi.
MSNBC: Unregistered high capacity well kills 6 in chicken incident after Republicans fail to end sequester, preventing funding for well inspectors.
RT: chicken and 6 people die protesting US authoritarianism.
Liveleak: brutal 6 person drowning [contains death]

Facebook: Like if you are praying for the 6 lives lost today

r/politics: I know this will get downvoted, but had the six had firearms they would have survived.
r/worldnews: 6 less muslims in the world.
r/atheism: 6 bigoted idiots believing in Muslim gods drown trying to save a chicken after raping a woman.