Siopao (Asian Filled Buns) [Daring Bakers]

This month’s challenge was a nice one. Instead of indulging my sweet tooth, we were instructed to make something that could be savory: siopao (in Filipino), or filled buns. Most people know the Chinese pork variety (um, pork buns), but since I’m a vegetarian (who will, like the caricature that you know all too well even though it barely exists in the real world, guilt-trip you about eating meat until you succumb to my intense pressure and swear off carne forever), I went with two meatless variations:

  • a “Chinese” bun, filled with Napa cabbage, tofu, ginger, sesame oil and scallions
  • a “Thai” bun, filled with roasted kabocha squash, scrambled eggs, basil and jalapenos (aka pad faktong)

The February Daring Bakers’ challenge is hosted by Julie of One-Wall Kitchen. She challenged us to an easy, simple filled bun using no-knead dough.

They turned out pretty damn good. I preferred the Chinese-style bun, although I wish I had seasoned it a bit more with some salt and white pepper, or maybe something spicy. The Thai-style bun was too dry. I had oven-roasted the kabocha for the first time, and it really desiccated the squash; dousing it in lime juice and soy sauce was really too-little, too-late. I’d probably just make pad faktong the traditional way (basically braising the squash) next time.

Anyway, here are the pics (after the jump):


The “Thai-style” siopao




The “Chinese-style” siopao



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  1. oh yummy looking siapaos!!!

    Comment by madiha — February 27, 2015 @ 7:45 pm

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