Man, am I glad I ended up voting for Obama

Hillary Clinton is a liarHillary Clinton is either completely delusional, or she’s a complete liar. I’m guessing that she’s both (a complete liar, but delusional enough to think she would get away with it). Now Christopher Hitchens alleges (credibly) that her loyalty to Hillarycare over all else was responsible, in part, for the U.S.’s inaction in Bosnia which was indirectly responsible for the genocidal murder of a quarter of a million people there.

Four months ago, I was leaning heavily towards voting for Hillary. I wasn’t into “Obamamania”, and Hillary seemed like a realist. I also agreed that universal health care was the top domestic priority.

I ended up voting for Obama on Super Tuesday, because I thought he would be a stronger contender against McCain in November, but I still harbored sympathies for ol’ Hill.

The last couple of months have shown a side to her character that I find more than distasteful – they’re dangerous. Someone with such a poor relationship with the truth, and who would put her ambition over the lives of so many people, is a menace and should not be occupying the highest office on the planet.

I used to bristle at Hillary-bashing, which I thought was unfair and sexist. Well, even if the motivation is wrong, I have to say I agree with it more than I’m bothered by it.

Here’s hoping Pennsylvanians sink her candidacy, so that Barack Obama can become our next president.

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