John McCain is Col. Saul Tigh

Thank you to ShilbertAnd Cindy is Ellen.

The parallels are striking, even beyond the physical resemblance. Some minor differences are allowable under artistic license:

  • Tigh is old and balding and all he knows is the military
  • Ellen is blond, about half his age and was suspected of being a robot
  • Even Tigh concedes that Ellen can resemble a whore
  • Tigh was a prisoner of war of the enemy, and suffered permanent damage to his face as a result
  • Tigh gets flustered by people younger than him, and sometimes even explosive
  • Ellen is addicted to alcohol
  • Tigh is also addicted to alcohol
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  1. Jon McCain is also a good politician and he got some good political ideology. i admire John McCain more than Obama.

    Comment by Jamie — October 27, 2009 @ 11:47 pm

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