Fox News: we’ll make you look ugly if we don’t like you

It’s always been amusing to me that Fox News claims to be “fair and balanced”, when it is clearly anything but, but this gun is smoking so badly that there’s an air quality advisory in effect for a full 50 mile radius around their headquarters.

The fact is that the people the network caters to are, to put delicately, not the most intelligent people in this country (but they are numerous). They’re the type that equates physical ugliness with evil, having been inculcated to believe so by the worst Hollywood pap. So, why not use Photoshop to make your adversaries look like they deserve the enmity you feel for them?

Jacques Steinberg - Before and After Fox News\'s Photoshop

Steven Reddicliffe - Before and After Fox News\'s Photoshop

Let’s see, they get:

  • yellowed teeth (because bleached teeth are closer to Godliness)
  • distorted features (bad people have big noses, chins and foreheads)
  • dark circles under their eyes (to match their dastardly souls)

(And I love how they emphasize that overly-Frenchified name, Jacques, when they mention Steinberg – see the video, at the 1:06 mark)

I want to know – do any reasonable people, of any political stripe, think that Fox News is an actual legitimate news organization? Come on.

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