Auschwitz vs Buchenwald – the GOP gets desperate

Auschwitz and Ohrdruf (Buchenwald camp) - both deadly Nazi concentration campsIs that all they’ve got on Obama? The Republicans are showing how desperate they’ve gotten, reduced to grasping at virtual straws because that’s all they’ve got left.

Let’s see, whenever you make an accusation of dishonesty, it’s instructive to look at intent. Why would Obama confuse Ohrdruf/Buchenwald with Auschwitz? Are those who liberated Auschwitz somehow nobler than those who liberated Ohrdruf? Did they even get to pick?

Of course not. It’s pretty clear that Obama just confused two similarly miserable Nazi death camps, with no change in its essential meaning – his great-uncle, along with many others, was a hero.

Of course, the Republicans aren’t in a position to bear down on Obama for a mere slip of the tongue (much less outright lying). That would be so hypocritical that even the most diehard Republican loyalists would smell something rotten.

So they have to try to impugn his integrity on the flimsiest piece of evidence.

I’m sure they’re hoping people are as ill-informed and susceptible to brainwashing as they were in 2004. Then that might work.

Something tells me enough people have clued in since then for this to fall flat on its face.

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