ADF – proudly protecting the privileges of the majority

The ADF - Protecting Privileges, Defending Unequal RightsAfter reading the rousing words of ADF legal counsel Brian Raum, I felt moved enough to write the ADF and commend them for their efforts:

Thank you for supporting bigotry.
Bigots all around this great country of ours have had a hard time lately making their views the law of the land.
Constantly harangued by equality-obsessed radicals, the proud bigots of this country have had their core beliefs, that some people are truly better than others and deserve greater rights, come into question time and time again.
For thousands of years, human civilization has enjoyed a longstanding tradition of bigotry, as racism, sexism and, yes, homophobia have been universally practiced and often enshrined in law.
As activist politicians, activist judges, and activist activists keep on selectively interpreting the Constitution on behalf of who weren’t born white, male, Christian and heterosexual, it’s high time that the “silent (and selfish) majority” speak out as their rights are eroded to the same level as everyone else’s.
Thank you, ADF, for fighting on behalf of those who already have the most rights.
Thank you, ADF, for working tirelessly to protect the privileges of those born with them.
And thank you, ADF, for knowing that our system of checks and balances can always be railed upon if it turns out a decision not to our liking.
Thank you for circumventing the democratic process for the rights, wishes and whims of American bigots!

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